Meri Chripeska at GHRO ‘Surfing IPTV’ Cup & World Ranking Event 2018

Meri Chkripeska:
This was definitely a life changing experience! It was not just me participating at this event, but also my club & my country. I learned a lot while being part of an amazing team of orienteers (including top level athletes).
I’ll share this experience with all the club members and motivate them to do their best! Once more I’ll tell them how awesome sport orienteering is. Sport for everyone. Always different. Adventours. Challenging. Including lots of travelling. Making friends. 
I’ll tell them what does it take to be a top level athlete. What you need to sacrafise and what you get. How different life can be if you set a goal. No giving up is included. Just hard work and dedication. Making the dreams come true.
Big thanks to Jimmy Chen for inviting me and to Jaroslav Kacmarcik to make this trip possible!

1st race. Sprint. 16th place
2nd race. Middle. 19th place
3rd race. Sprint. 15th place
4rd race. Sprint. 24th place

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>>Milena Chkripeska on the halfmaraton in Gran Canaria.

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