About us

You are a man or a woman. You are young or old. You like being outside. You love the nature. You hike, you jog, you run or you sprint. You just don’t stop moving. You are open to learn new things. Discover new places. Meet new people. Curious to learn how to use a map and a compass. Eager to become a champion. Then you are one of us!

*official translator: Milena Chkripeska

MOCPA 2018

Memorial Orienteering Competition “Pece Atanasoski“

MOCPA is a relatively new multi-day orienteering event that is on a steady rise. It’s representing Prilep and it’s surroundings as a new and unique destination for many orienteers from all over the world. By providing quality maps and good planned courses, competitiors can enjoy a unique experience. It is also a big promoter of the orienteering in the country and it educates people about the importance of being in the nature, exercising and having a healthy lifestyle!